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Month: June 2015

What Would School Be Like If We Invented it Today?

This week we completed a project we’ve been working on for some time – a short video that speaks to some of the questions and ideas that are the foundation of Schoolhouse. We owe immense gratitude to the amazing Kim Gamble who lent his passion and talent to the project – bringing our story to life through his unique illustrative...

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We need to teach children skills, not subjects (Australian Financial Review)

This week, the AFR published an article we have been working on in their BOSS supplement. The piece looks at some of the fundamental challenges to our current model of education given the expectations and desires we have for students coming through the system. We also look at a handful of Australian schools that are exploring different ways to address these challenges. A group of students aged about eight to 12 are selling their school-made jam at a market stall this week. The trestle table is laden with glass bottles, each covered in a neat fabric circle tied with...

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