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Month: September 2016

‘Design Thinking with Kids’ educator’s toolkit

Want to get students exploring, empathising, innovating and prototyping? This year we’ve been exploring how the Design Thinking approach championed by Stanford and IDEO can make a great classroom tool, with a few simple changes. Finally it’s done, and we’re very excited about the way our ‘Design Thinking with Kids’ toolkit has turned out. The kit includes compact ‘facilitator’s guide’ and two copies of the double-sided ‘process map’ (one side for primary, one side for secondary). Everything you need to get kids inventing in the classroom… or living room! You can purchase a copy of the kit (or download...

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Hands-on ‘Design Thinking’ at the Sydney Design Festival

Last weekend we ran our ‘Design Thinking with Kids’ workshop, as part of the Sydney Design Festival. Despite being on a beautiful sunny Sunday, we filled two sessions with enthusiastic and engaged parents and teachers. The workshop gave them all a chance to experience the Design Thinking process, and a set of tools for running Design Thinking with primary and high school kids.   We are in the process of getting the course BOSTES endorsed, and really looking forward to running sessions with school in coming months. If you’re interested in a Design Thinking with Kids session at your...

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