At EduChange 2017 we collaborated with hundreds of teachers to create interdisciplinary units of work, focusing on years 7-1o. The result was three great project ideas which you can download and use.

We believe interdisciplinary work is important because it encourages students to see the linkages between subjects, and to tackle big, interesting, complex challenges. Interdisciplinary units are often project-based – bringing to bear not just one disciplinary perspective but many. They examine and explore a problem from many sides. Consequently, students learn to be more creative and critical in their thinking – developing a sophistication and fluidity that will serve them well.


In talking to those who attended EduChange, more high school teachers are starting to experiment with interdisciplinary projects. Unfortunately, they are often met with resistance, and most of these projects happen ‘outside of the timetable’. This is particularly frustrating when these teachers describe the amazing experiences that students take away from such projects.

Three ‘plan-spirations’ are included in the document we produced, built during the two day conference. They are somewhere between inspiration and unit plan, each suggesting an explorations that takes place over the course of a term and brings different subjects. We think they have the potential to be exciting and engaging projects. If you use them, we’d love to hear how develop them further.